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Weight Loss Facts

Weight Loss Facts

Too many people struggle with weight loss and weight control. I have made this photo for you to look at it carefully and take this as a science. I mean, facts.

The most important fact for weight loss is to create NEGATIVE ENERGY BALANCE or Energy/Calorie Deficit.

2nd important factors are:

ENERGY INTAKE – food we consume.
ENERGY EXPENDITURE – how much we move on a daily basis, not just how much we exercise.
ADHERENCE – is one of the most important factors that are psychological and it means that you have created the way you eat and the way you move and you can STICK TO IT.

3rd factors are:

What type of eating strategies you are going to use to create and stick to the energy balance.
I wrote 3 examples that are very common that people use to keep up with creating energy deficit.
1) Intermittent fasting – restrict times that you consume foods.
2) Calorie Counting – keeping track of food intake on MyFitnessPal or other calorie count software.
3) Portion Control – reducing food intake by choosing smaller plate, smaller cups, just choosing smaller option for foods and drinks you consume.
Of course, there is many other factors that will contribute to your appetite and cravings, such as:
>> higher carb diet – increases chances of overeating (more energy consumption)
>> lack of protein in your diet, increases hunger during the day
>> bad night sleep automatically affects your food preference the next day
>> dehydration – tricks you that you feel you are hungry, but actually you just need more fluids and your body is thirsty
>> lack of physical activity increases chances of low moods that will lead to eating/overeating etc…
You don’t have to be on the diet to start losing weight.
Check this iconographic and just follow these simple rules.
It would be great to hear from you what was your the most successful way of losing weight 🙂
Happy Tuesday!

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