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Hotseat with my client Darija

Lesley's story

“When I joined Adrijana's programme I was bloated, lethargic and the biggest I have ever been. I had almost resigned myself to the middle-aged spread that I now seemed to have. But I was really unhappy about my body and I felt ashamed I had let it get that far. I wobbled and my clothes were tight; I'd just bought my first size 18 top. That's when I contacted Adrijana for help. Since starting on Adrijana's programme in mid-January I have lost about 10kg. It was hard to start with, I struggled through some of the workouts but I just kept going. If I gave up one day, I just started again the next day. I still have a way to go but I now feel so much fitter and stronger. I walk up the hills where I live with plenty of energy and I don't wobble anymore. I feel stronger mentally. Don't let anyone tell you that it's impossible to shift the weight during menopause. It isn't. Adrijana is incredibly supportive and gives you the tools you need to become stronger mentally and physically.”

Darija's story

"During past year I have gained way too much weight and my motivation was on the lowest level. Habits were unhealthy and I turned to Adrijana for support and guidance. Last three months were the most eye opening with regards to breaking my body into a healthy routine and pushing myself to new challenges. I chose to take a slow but steady pace and I am happy to see results but most of all FEEL good. I am going to continue working with Adrijana and I hope to become even more fit and powerful for myself since I realized somehow down the road I forgot to care for me. Feels good and thank you Adrijana for all your support, right words and all the chats you provided! Means a lot!"

Caroline's story

Caroline has joined my 90 days Group transformation program. She hasn't used scales or any specific aggressive approach to food. All she did was used simple principles of energy balance, portion control and used clothes to track her progress. She has done incredibly well!

Natalie's story

Give a big shout to Natalie who has lost 10 kg in 12 weeks while doing my 12 week transformation program. She is a busy mum of 2 little ones and she started running the business in the middle of the program, that was very stressful, but she managed to stay on track. She hasn't binged since the beginning of the program and she has also completed successfully Couch to 5k and her new goal is to reach 10k. She has returned her confidence and is feeling amazing in having control over her eating habits and is confident to reach her target goal with all the tools she learned in the program.

Client's story

"Before I got pregnant with my little boy, I was always active. It had taken a good few years to get fit, which mainly happened due to finding yoga. However just before I got pregnant, I had knee surgery which meant during my pregnancy I was unable to be as active as I’d liked and therefore gained nearly 5 stone during the pregnancy. After giving birth I’d gone from a size 8 to a size 14, had huge milky boobs, was unable to do yoga due to my knee and didn’t have a clue where to start with post natal exercise. Then thankfully I came across Adrijana. Adrijana was local and specialised in post natal exercise. Not only was she there to show me what I could and couldn’t do within the limits of just having a baby but was also there to give advice. She was able to help me with alternative variations of the exercises if my knee was struggling. I was also able to build up the strength in my leg to support my knee which in turn helped that get better. After 6 months, I was down 4 stone and feeling so much better in myself, which made me a better mum to my little boy feeling less tired looking after him. Not only does Adrijana give great motivation and advice during the sessions, she is there at home with me via Facebook. I was able to continue quick workouts at home during the week as she is always posting great short workouts to fit in your day. Congratulations on all your achievements Adrijana. Whether you are a new mum or your kids are older, it’s never too late to build your fitness up and get nutrition advice. You will find a fitness expert, nutritional specialist and a friend joining Adrijana on her and your journey. I couldn’t be more thankful to her for making me the best mum for Ralph."

Client's story

"After the birth of our second child, I quickly realised I needed help to go back into my fitness and lose extra weight. I have been joining both Adrijana’s classes and her online program. In less than 2 months, I lost a total of 13 kg by simply cutting down my calories intake and doing regular workouts. Consistency, self discipline and motivation have been key in achieving my goal. Throughout the whole period, Adrijana has been an amazing fitness & nutritional coach and incredibly motivational. This has been a great journey for me and I would recommend it to any mum."

Client's story

"I HAVE LOST 44 LBS!!!" I would like to write a small testimonial to thank Adrijana for the past year. Since I've met her my help has come on in leaps and bounds, the problem I had with my feet has totally disappeared. I've started to job a little and able to do a sit up, which is a big achievement for me. My clothes size has gone from a 26 to 20, my weight from 20st 1lb to 16st 3lb at my lightest and 40 inches all over my body. Many thanks Adrijana. You are the biggest STAR ever. I couldn't have achieved what I have without you."

Client's progress

My client has joined my Online coaching program and so far she has lost 9kg. She continues with her journey.