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My Summer In Tenerife

I guess you all know where I have been hanging out these past 5 weeks. :)) It has been so difficult to cope seeing the ocean daily 😀 

I love Tenerife. I love mountains, sunsets, views, ocean, beaches, CLUBS, dancing and just the chilled and outgoing atmosphere. 

I have decided to come here for the whole 6 weeks with kids, 2 as a whole family as my husband came with us too and then 4 weeks on my own with them. We’ve got them a place in Spanish Summer Camp for 4 weeks, Mon – Fri, 9.30 – 3.30pm so it gives me time to work and get ready for September. The kids found it quite difficult to get used to so it has been tears for a good few weeks.

It has been challenging. The kids didn’t like the teachers not being able to speak with them in English, but that’s life. They have learned swimming and they have done sports activities in the mornings and soft play, bouncy castles and cinema time in the afternoons. 

For me, I have been struggling to find a routine, but as the 5th week has come along, I am feeling so motivated and in control over my working hours and gym sessions.

I have signed myself up to the same gym that my kids are attending for the camp, so I can see them when they are swapping activities and when they are coming out for their lunch break. I always run to them, like a crazy mama, to give them a kiss and a cuddle! I have to 😀

Now sitting in the cafe, doing all my online work, writing this blog and getting ready for the 2nd running session in the gym. I love Spanish cortado (shorter coffee with milk), so I have 2 of those a day and a lunch.

My motivation and eating habits have been all over the place as I haven’t been able to get stuck into my own routine as my brother is vegan, so I have all been messed up lol. Vegans mess you up haha (joking!).

I really enjoy this temperature and this climate. This break has done so much good for me. It has restarted my whole thought process and I hope I won’t get distracted back home, so I can focus to get here again next year.

My brother and his family are just so perfect. Their kids, little cousins, are just so perfect and instead of of arguing, they play so nicely so me and my sister in law can just chat and chat and chat.

I miss my family. I miss the feeling of them being just around the corner so we can make memories by doing things together. Instead we are connected via whatsapp and video calls. But as my brother and I are doing so well in our lives, I won’t complain and I will just try to do my best to meet more often as my heart and soul are in so much better place when we are closer to each other.

Where have you been this summer? Did you enjoy spending time with your little ones and are you looking forward for kids to go back to school?

Next week as our final week here, I will be on my own with kids, they won’t be going to the camp and I am planning to work as less as possible (probably evening hours or early mornings) and enjoy with them as much as we can, as when we get back, we will all be back to normal activities – work and school duties.

I am sending you lots of great vibes from my heart and from Tenerife!

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