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bespoke coaching


Frequently asked questions

STOP Mindless Snacking & Eating Course you will need one hour in total. You can listen all the mini lectures and start implementing them straight away in your life! 

For 1-2-1 coaching, all you will need is 1 hour per week. But I will always challenge you, if you replace 1 hour of scrolling for 1 hour of learning, your life will change. 

1-2-1 Coaching program is a unique program where we both have to be the right fit for each other. You have to book a Free Discovery Call and during the Discovery call I will be able to understand your goals, struggles, desire to change and how much support you need and then I will be able to see if I am able to help you or not to reach your goals. 

During this call you will be able to see if this program is right for you and if you are the right fit for this program. 

You are going to leave this call 100% inspired to change. 

So book your call now 🙂 

I am using a coaching software where I am able to share with you directly

  • nutrition targets
  • daily habit checklist
  • training program (workouts)
  • direct messaging
  • coaching lab access
  • weekly check-ins
  • progress tracking
  • progress photo tracking
  • support

This app is fantastic as it keeps you accountable. Informs me every day if you have completed or not your tasks, which can be a great information for me if you are struggling, so I can reach out to you and help you overcome anything you are struggling with. 

Inner circle is my new offer for women who would like to work with me or to learn from me how to feel and look their best. Inner circle will be a monthly membership, where you will be able to work with me in the group setting, being able to attend monthly webinars, coaching calls, live Q&A’s and so much more! 

My programs are designed to change your mindset, improve your relationship with food and yourself, which means this is an ongoing process of learning a different way of seeing food, your eating, yourself and the world around you and this require time. The change doesn’t happen overnight and this is why is so important to know what you want to get out of my programs. 

There is no option to try it out before you buy the program. 

Please check the refund section below. 

Yes. You are able to send me any questions or messages throught the course material and of course I am going to be here to support you all along the way. 

Inner circle is a monthly membership. Payments are coming out every month. If you want to cancel the membership, all you need to do is just cancel your payment. 

STOP Mindless Snacking & Eating course – the refund policy is 7 day Money Back Guarantee. If you wish to get your money back, it has to be within 7 days after you purchased the course. 

90 Day Bespoke 1-2-1 Coaching – there will be no refunds for this service, due to a lot of time required to support you and coach you to feel and be your best. 

If you have any questions, regarding any of my services, please contact me and I will get back to you asap.

My clients say

"Had to share… trying on clothes for ibiza, and i fit back in my ‘skinny’ denim shorts!!! Cannot believe it! Feels soooooo good! I’m actually feeling confident in my clothes choices!"
Pilates Coach
"I really can’t thank you enough for getting me back on track and making me feel like me again!!"
"I love the outlook of this lovely lady, Adrijana is so positive and it’s so easy to take her advice because she has been where I am now, I know she guides me from experience and she makes me believe I can do it. I’ve been guilty of feeling sorry for myself and telling myself I can’t do it but every time I’ve done one of Adrijanas courses I’ve come away inspired and with the knowledge of how to turn it around and achieve my goals, I would encourage anyone who needs motivation and support to work with Adrijana, you will not be sorry"
"My body’s not yet where I want it to be, buts it so much healthier, slimmer, toned and I feel more confident in my skin - love you 😍"
S. D.
This morning I took an appreciative look at my naked self, it felt really good 😊 the bits I didn’t like before were the bits that made me feel physically uncomfortable- so big belly actually stopped me from doing certain exercises or bending over comfortably. I’m able to do more (even with my back) and I feel so much better. Feeling proud of getting back on track in my head. Thank you for all your encouragement xxx"