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Obsession With Weight Loss & Tips On How To Start Gaining Control

Seeing the list of forbidden foods when you decide to follow even your own diet, leaves your mind in a total fear “what if I can’t stick with it and I fail?”.

This is one of the reasons why you can’t stick with your own or purchased plan.

It is too restrictive, takes so much out of the life you enjoy and, as soon as you realise, you say to yourself “nah, what’s the point! Life is too short!”. And then you go backwards returning to the world of endless foods you had missed in previous few days.

Obsessions with weight loss are spread throughout all layers of society and weight gain/loss has become a part of our lives, slowly chipping away the real joy for life.

We feel guilty when we have great time with friends.

We feel guilty when we even desire to eat or drink our favourites, because we know if we have it, we’ll lose control.

Then the obsession and battle begin, because we are simply prioritising the wrong things and focusing on things that are making our life more difficult.

We have one, just ONE, LIFE and there is no need for suffering.

We need to work on our discipline & mindfulness. We have lost a feeling for it completely.

You don’t need to have everything and you don’t need to eat every single thing your brain desires.

You don’t need to go to extreme diets and you don’t need to go to the gym 6 days a week.

You don’t need to fight through life thinking weight loss will make you happy, because it will give temporary pleasure, but you will also have to learn how to keep the weight off as well.

Here are few tips you can do to include mindfulness in your life.

* Be present in moment.

* Be aware how you really feel before taking a first mouthful. Are you eating because you are bored, stressed or you are really hungry?

* When you eat food – sit down. Eating and rushing around will disconnect your brain and stomach.

* Chew food properly. If you are swallowing big chunks of food, your stomach with struggle to digest.

* Family time – eat together with your family, sit down and don’t allow any gadgets ruining your time to connect.

* Stop scrolling when you eat – social media and internet has taken over our lives and we feel we have no life without it. Let your brain have a true sense of when you’ve eaten enough food, do you enjoy food you eat or you eat just for the sake of it?

* You don’t have to eat everything that is on your plate. Think about your portions. Are they too big? Buy a smaller plate. Take 5 min longer then you did yesterday to complete your meal. Enjoy every single mouthful.

* Make a choice. You have a choice to buy/serve yourself healthier food. Start with one meal a day and over time you will feel it is much easier then you thought and you will start taking more control and be more guilt free.

Food is a need and we have to consume it every single day.

Why don’t you make your journey much much enjoyable by just being aware of what you are doing and find more joy eating tasty, nutritious food and have on the odd occasions food you like?

Put yourself and your health first.

Have a great day and enjoy your meal by sitting down and being present 🙂

Adrijana x

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