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Happy Mama Project – Testimonial

Before I got pregnant with my little boy, I was always activate. It had taken a good few years to get fit, which mainly happened due to finding yoga. However just before I got pregnant, I had knee surgery which meant during my pregnancy I was unable to be as active as I’d liked and therefore gained nearly 5 stone during the pregnancy. After giving birth I’d gone from a size 8 to a size 14, had huge milky boobs, was unable to do yoga due to my knee and didn’t have a clue where to start with post natal exercise. Then thankfully I came across Adrijana.

Adrijana was local and specialised in post natal exercise. Not only was she there to show me what I could and couldn’t do within the limits of just having a baby but was also there to give advice. I started attending her Friday class after I had passed my 6 weeks postnatal doctors appointment. It took a while at first, but I started to feel my fitness coming back. She was able to help me during the class with alternative variations of the exercises if my knee was struggling. I was also able to build up the strength in my leg to support my knee which in turn helped that get better. After 6 months, I was down 3.5 stone and feeling so much better in myself, which made me a better mum to my little boy feeling less tired looking after him.

Then Adrijana started the fat killer class, which was the push I needed to get the final 1.5 stone off. Because I’d taken my time in the first class building my fitness, I was prepared to step it up. I was also getting married in 5 months so had a goal in mind. I continued to attend the Friday class and then eventually reached my goal in time for the wedding.

Not only does Adrijana give great motivation and advice during the class, she is there at home with me via Facebook. I was able to continue quick workouts at home during the week as she is always posting great short workouts to fit in your day.

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Now she has moved into nutrition and female health as well, therefore going from strength to strength. I felt lost and confused with what I could do after giving birth, so couldn’t be more thankful for her providing this in Newmarket. My sister has now joined after having her little boy and seeing the benefits of a local mum and baby fitness class.

Congratulations on all your achievements Adrijana. Whether you are a new mum or your kids are older, it’s never to late to build your fitness up and get nutrition advice. You will find a fitness expert, nutritional special and a friend joining Adrijana on her and your journey. I couldn’t be more thankful to her for making me the best mum for Ralph, and if we decide to do it all again you will be my first call.


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