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When Is Safe To Get Back To Exercise Post Birth

Hello my dear followers,

I get a lots of questions from new mums, when is it safe to get back to exercise after the birth.

What you need to be aware of, every new mum needs to do her 6 week or 10 week, post birth, GP check. Although all I can say that at that GP check, doctors are mainly focused to checked the baby and you get asked only few questions, such as:

Are you feeling depressed?

Did you start using contraception?

Did your bleeding stop?

Those questions are not enough to check anyone’s health and wellbeing, especially when you come to get checked and get signed off for being able to do exercise.

What you need to know before starting any type of physical activity is:

How is your body feeling?

No matter if you had a normal vaginal delivery, assisted delivery or c section, your body has been through a major trauma and your body needs to heal. Things that have changed in your body during your pregnancy are:

1. The position of your internal organs 

During the pregnancy, our internal organs have changed the position and after the delivery, this will need time to get back to normal position and also to let bowels to work properly. That is why so many women suffer with constipation post birth, that will lead to very uncomfortable/painful/traumatic toilet trips.

SOLUTION: Make sure you focus on your nutrition, with consuming lots of fibres (vegetables and fruit), meat, eggs and fish on a regular basis and have healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, olive oil, cheese in your diet. Cook in slow cooker, large batches and freeze meals. Soups, smoothies, quick salads with meat on top are great solutions for mums to get a quick and healthy meals.

Also it is important to be aware that increased caffein and sugar consumption is always adding to tiredness, instead of helping out.

Hydration always helps with constipation, regulating appetite and also if you are dehydrated, increases the feeling of tiredness.

2. Abdominal Muscles – Diastasis Recti

Abdominal muscles during the birth have to separate, to create a space for our growing baby. What happens post birth in some women, that abdominal wall doesn’t close, leaving a smaller or larger gap in between rectus abdominis.

Unfortunately, GP’s don’t check new mothers if they have it and very often mums don’t know it for years.


* poor posture

* back pain

* protruding tummy – very often having a feeling like your tummy still looks pregnant

* constipation

* bloating


Find a local Mommy MOT physio, a Women’s Health Specialist, who will check your abdominal muscles and offer you the programme how to improve your abdominal wall and reduce the tummy gap.

My Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis programme includes screaning, nutrition plan that reduces bloating and gives your tummy a rest. We would be working on your breathing, how to unlock your diaphragm and also how to help your muscles to get back to normal contraction and how to reduce your tummy gap.

If you have enquiry for HCR® Diastasis 1-2-1 programme, please email me on adrijana@adrijana.co.uk.

3. Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Organs Health

You will know when your pelvic floor health is compromised because you will experience uncomfortable situations who will be happening over and over again.

If you get back to exercise TOO SOON, you will not give a chance to your pelvic organs (uterus, bladder and rectum) and ligaments and muscles that support them, to recover properly after pregnancy and birth trauma.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms:

* Leaking while you cough, sneeze, jump, lift heavy object or even if you leak involuntarily

* Bulging feeling down below

* Seeing something coming out of your vagina or anus

* Painful pelvic floor

* Struggling when you go to toilet

if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, I recommend you go directly to the Mommy MOT Women’s Health physio to do the full examination of your pelvic floor and to give you hope that you can do something about it to improve it.

Also you can sign up for my evening class Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman, starting in January or to sign up 1-2-1 sessions to restore your pelvic floor. If you’ve got any questions regaring these programmes, just email me directly on adrijana@adrijana.co.uk

So before you decide to go back to exercise post birth, I would like to encourage you to see larger picture of your body.

Exercise is a fantastic way of getting your body what it needs, especially that will make you feel better. But do consider to make the right choice for you, your body and your pelvic floor health too.

Have a lovely week ahead,

Adrijana x

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