Adrijana Tomas Goryn

What is 8 Week Diet Reset Program?


8 Week Diet Reset Program is a program that will change your life. This is for you if you are:

* Thinking about food all the time
* Yo yo dieting
* Having issues with body image, weight and eating behaviour
* eat your emotions
* can't stop eating sugar, biscuits, crisps or whatever you are restricting yourself
* labelling food as good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, clean and dirty
* overeating on a regular basis

When does it start?

This program is going to run from 10th of August for 8 weeks.

How It Works?

* Program will be delivered via the app
* Weekly educational videos about food, habits, behaviours, self care & self love
* Weekly 1h coaching Zoom calls
* Weekly Check Ins every Friday to track your progress
* Recipe book - you will get 2 recipe books to use during the this program. One at the beginning and one after 4 weeks
* Community group via Facebook group
* Accountability
* Weekly Q&A's in Facebook group

Level of Commitment Required

This programme is for everyone who has decided that is ready to make a change in their thinking about food, to improve their relationship with food, to create new healthier habits and to feel great in their own skin.

Is This a Diet?

This is not a diet or a meal plan.
This is a life changing approach, where you focus on your daily habits and your feelings about food choices you make and I will coach you how to implement and modify your current lifestyle, without much of a change, but to show you how to make a significant progress towards healthier and stronger you.
You will get results based on evidence-based approach to habit and behaviour change around your lifestyle and food intake.


Up to £4 - £5 a day.

Payments & Refunds

The payments can be done by bank transfer or via Stripe.

If you are interested, please book a call in the link below.

Refunds are available ONLY within 7 days after program has started and you feel programme is not for you.


Support is very important as we all face struggles with changing our eating habits and lifestyle to achieve fat/weight loss.
This group will be my focus to guide you and to show you the path to get to your best version.
I want you to see the new path ahead. A path of self discovery, self awareness and to bring new exciting things back to your life in form of self care and self love.

To discuss the further details about this program book a chat with me in the link below