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Pelvic Floor & Core Health Workshop – SOLD OUT

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Dear all,

What an exciting time to open my new website with fantastic news that my first ever Holistic Core Restore® Pelvic Floor & Core Health Workshop is now sold out! Just over a week after I set up the event. The event will take place on the June 11, 7.00-8.30pm at Exning Church Community Hall in Exning.

To put excitement a side I want to tell you why is important for every woman to know about her pelvic floor, to recognise red flag symptoms and what to do about it when you have symptoms.

In this workshop we will be talking about anatomy of pelvic floor, pelvic floor organs, what is normal and what needs to be looked at by Women’s Health Physio. Also we will be talking how to use breath and movement to activate and strengthen pelvic floor on top of how we can do properly Kegel continuum.

This event is the part of Holistic Core Restore® that specialises in women’s health and us as proud HCR® coaches, we are delivering courses that do wonders for all women who are affected by issues with pelvic floor and core and that is why our programmes Every Woman®, Diastasis Recti – muscle separation, Recovery Programme – for prolapse and hysterectomy clients, C section scars have shown so much success in clients around the World. If you are interested in what programmes they provide you can read their website here https://www.holisticcorerestore.com/

Everyone who is attending my workshop will get information they need to take it with them to keep working on their health and to know reasons why they need to take their pelvic floor seriously.

A brand new Every Woman® programme will be coming in September, so keep watching this space!

Make sure you stay tuned on my social media and my website to keep up with all the exciting news coming!

I will look forward to see you all in June or in one of my future workshops and programmes!
Have a fab summer!
Adrijana x

If you would like to get yourself on the waiting list for new Pelvic Floor workshop, you can sign up here:

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