Focus on Weight Loss vs Long Term Health

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Since moving to the UK in 2010 and working in fitness industry, by running bootcamps and personal training session, I have noticed a strong correlation between people wanting to get back to exercise and eating healthy for a weight loss reasons.


When they reach their goal OR they don’t get results they desire, they give up and go back to old habits. 

I have also noticed that it is always involved all or nothing approach, that is unsustainable. It is difficult for someone to change their body shape, weight, body fat, smaller dress size if their focus is based only on losing weight. 

Why? Because when they don’t see results as quick as they want to, mentally they go into self destructive mode and ruin not only their results they worked so hard, but also they go into low and depressive moods, feeling they are failure, they can’t get results, they will never look slim, fit and healthy. 

My opinion is if we would switch our focus from weight loss to long term health that our life will become easier and we would function so much better. We wouldn’t get depressed when our results wouldn’t come as quick as we want to, because we would focus on feeling well, doing regularly exercise that suits us, our needs, health, physical condition and also our lifestyle. 

If you have no time for your own health, your health and fitness will deteriorate anyway, you like it or not. 

Your body is designed to move. Your joints and muscles are desperate for moving in full range of motion daily. 

Eat well for your mental and physical health. 

If your bowels are not working properly, you need to change the way you eat. If you suffer from constipation, runny stool, suffering with bad back pain, having diagnosed diabetes 2, having high blood pressure. All those symptoms can be regulated with better nutrition and correct exercise.

Do you take medication for pain relief? Do you take anti depressants? Do you suffer with bloating, IBS and headaches? 

All those symptoms are a sign that what you are currently doing in your life, is not working for you and you have to change it as soon as possible. Because why would you be in pain? Life is not comfortable being unhealthy and unfit. 

When you look forward to go for a nice walk and when you know that your whole mind, soul and body will feel better afterwards. 

When you look forward to prepare yourself a meal that will fill you up and make you feel energised, rather then making you feel like your stomach is just about to explode. 

Focus on your long term health. 

Life is not a race. It is an amazing opportunity to live life to the full.

Eating a cake is not a sin. Grabbing take away once a week is totally fine. Drinking bottle of wine a week is a pleasure. Having a lay in at weekends is not going to affect your fitness. 

What is going to affect your health is having a cake every single day, eating every meal like it’s your last one few times a week, having a bottle of wine 3-4 times a week, working in the office, driving car to and back from work, sitting down on your bum all weekend and not moving is going to directly impact not just your health, but your life in general. It will make you depressed, heavy, guilty. 

Let’s stop it all right now and do the best chance to ourselves to be healthy and happy human beings. 

Are you going to change something about your routine? 🙂