Becoming A MNU Certified Nutritionist WON Me Money and Peace with My Own Self

There is something wonderful about learning new things you’ve always been curious about. Nutrition has always been my struggle and enemy. I have never been able to find the balance, control and joy to eat food. I have been a binge expert since I can remember and bulimic when I became aware that I could not find a way to keep myself healthy and slim. That relationship continued throughout most of my life. 

But I was determined to become a nutritionist at some point in my life, because I was desperate for answers about WHY I was failing to get my urge to binge under control and why I felt ashamed every time I did it. 

Now I know. 

Finding Mac-Nutrition Uni/MNU, the only evidence based nutrition qualification, came at the perfect time when I needed answers and I needed peace in something that I knew would never change until I changed. The way I think and see food. 

The best thing I learnt about food in MNU is:

  • Physiology comes first when it comes about nutrition
  • Behaviour and habit change is what is going to give you life-long results
  • Avoiding food groups can affect relationships with food
  • Calorie deficit is the only thing that is going to help you lose weight

Since started MNU in April last year I have gained an incredible knowledge on how to find a BALANCE in life with the food and drinks I consume. There is no GUILT in any shape or form when it comes to nutrition. I am guilt free and I feel I am FREE from all the bulls**t I have ever told myself when I binged, had my head down in shame and every time I looked at the mirror. I am a FREE woman now!! 

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MNU has been truly the most liberating and amazing experience I’ve ever had, because it gave me answers to live a guilt free life. Is there anything better then that? 

The joy of graduating came through endless breakdowns, tears, sleepless nights and losing out on family weekends over 6 months to enable me to give all I have to learning…. 

I have met so many amazing students and I am 100% sure that our friendship is going to keep growing from conference to conference and I cannot thank the MNU team enough from how much they’ve changed my life. 

When going to our graduation ceremony 2 weeks ago, I never dreamt how it was all going to end…. Dreaming about that day when I collected my certificate that I worked so hard for…. I got the main prize from MNU Collective as the person who best promoted the MNU course throughout social media. The great thing about the prize was you get half the course money back, 1 year FREE Mentoring Lab (platform to support and educate fitness professionals and nutritionists), but for me it meant pride and a sign that I am visible. 

I am going to take this amazing prize as a proof that I can impact people’s lives to change for the better, I will make sure I teach them what MNU thought me: 

“There is a hope for everyone out there who is going through the toughest struggles and there is a balance. Ups + downs = balance.”

I cannot wait to show you how I will succeed on my journey and when I prove to you that I can do it, I will take you together with me on that ride! 

All my love, 


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