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Pelvic Floor & Core Health Workshop – SOLD OUT

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Dear all,

What an exciting time to open my new website with fantastic news that my first ever Holistic Core Restore® Pelvic Floor & Core Health Workshop is now sold out! Just over a week after I set up the event. The event will take place on the June 11, 7.00-8.30pm at Exning Church Community Hall in Exning.

To put excitement a side I want to tell you why is important for every woman to know about her pelvic floor, to recognise red flag symptoms and what to do about it when you have symptoms.

In this workshop we will be talking about anatomy of pelvic floor, pelvic floor organs, what is normal and what needs to be looked at by Women’s Health Physio. Also we will be talking how to use breath and movement to activate and strengthen pelvic floor on top of how we can do properly Kegel continuum.

This event is the part of Holistic Core Restore® that specialises in women’s health and us as proud HCR® coaches, we are delivering courses that do wonders for all women who are affected by issues with pelvic floor and core and that is why our programmes Every Woman®, Diastasis Recti – muscle separation, Recovery Programme – for prolapse and hysterectomy clients, C section scars have shown so much success in clients around the World. If you are interested in what programmes they provide you can read their website here https://www.holisticcorerestore.com/

Everyone who is attending my workshop will get information they need to take it with them to keep working on their health and to know reasons why they need to take their pelvic floor seriously.

A brand new Every Woman® programme will be coming in September, so keep watching this space!

Make sure you stay tuned on my social media and my website to keep up with all the exciting news coming!

I will look forward to see you all in June or in one of my future workshops and programmes!
Have a fab summer!
Adrijana x

If you would like to get yourself on the waiting list for new Pelvic Floor workshop, you can sign up here:

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Mums and Kids

Exercise After Birth

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Pregnancy, birth, the newborn phase… motherhood is different for every single woman. There is no same journey and this blog is all about respecting the differences between us, of all bumps, birth stories and motherhood journeys.

Some of us love sport and being physically active, some of us love being active in different ways that don’t involve pumping up heart rates, while some of us just don’t like to move at all.

Becoming pregnant changes our whole concept of health and movement. What it means to us now we are carrying a little human often results in a change of perspective on how we want to be during the pregnancy.

But what happens when the pregnancy is over?

After experiencing 9 months of being pregnant, your whole body has responded to change and it’s common to think it will never be the same again. But before you launch into a full fitness frenzy, it’s important to understand that a key part of post-birth is recovery and understanding it’s significance.

Here are few important things to know before even thinking about starting doing any exercise:

  1. Nutrition – nutrients and protein help your body to heal. Eating biscuits, fast and packet food will be ok to sail through the initial period, but it won’t make a difference to speed up your recovery. If you don’t have time for cooking, look for quick and easy 5 min recipe ideas. Try smoothies, salads with meat or maybe you can prepare meals before you give birth to have them in freezer. Nutrition is number one to give your body the best way to heal properly.
  1. Rest – no matter how crazy this sounds. I have seen many mums rushing into doing too much just a few days after birth. Birth and pregnancy have caused trauma within your whole body and it will take some time for you to feel ok and ready to get back to any type of exercise. By rest I mean trying to take time to be with your family, instead of trying to rush to do everything like you did before you were pregnant, keeping the house clean and tidy. If you have no chance to rest, do whenever you can.
  1. Listen To Your Body – listen and observe pain. Where do you feel pain? Does it feel normal? Any tummy bulging and any pressure when you go to toilet? Constipation? Piles? Painful intercourse? Feeling dizzy? Lightheaded? Faster heart rate? You should go and get checked out by your GP or your local The Mummy MOT – specialist women’s physio for all mums.
  1. Sleep – I guess you will say “Are you joking?” The only thing I’ll respond with is that it helps massively if someone helps you to feed the baby sometimes on the bottle if you are expressing. Or, what worked really well for my husband and I was he sleeping on the sofa in living room, with a baby in the Moses basket and when baby started crying he would just bring her/him to my room to feed her/him. He would then take baby back downstairs so I can have an extra sleep. Have naps when baby sleeps. It helps so much. Sleep helps you to repair better and faster.

When you start to feel better and you are getting out of newborn phase, my advice would be:

  1. Start with gentle walks. Build the pace and distance gradually. Adjust on how you feel. Spending time outdoors will help you feel better.
  2. Pelvic floor exercises are advised straight from the birth. You should be doing them daily. Take them seriously to strengthen the muscles that have been working very hard to hold the pressure of baby weight pressing down. Build a good base, before wanting to get back into full fitness.
  3. When you feel you are ready to get back to exercise class, make sure your body feels ok.
  4. High impact exercise – again – listen to your body. If you feel abdominal or pelvic pain, leaking, bleeding post exercise that means your body is not ready. Focus on strengthening your body, then try again in few weeks or when it feels right.
  5. You are post-natal forever from the moment you give birth.

Take your time. You deserve the best possible care and your body does the same.

If you would like to be well looked after in your first post birth exercise class, make sure you join my Pilates for mums & babies, or join in my NEW Holistic Core Restore® 1-2-1 coaching programme.

Wishing you an amazing journey of motherhood!

If you need anything, just get in touch 🙂

Adrijana xx

Women's Health and Wellbeing

When You Feel Like You Failed Yourself

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There are so many of us who feel that we failed ourselves and we all share different situations that made us feel this way. Some of those situations we could avoid and, in some of them, we just fell in that trap. I will explain in this blog why that is totally ok.

For most of our life we can hold things together. We can keep up with the challenges and obstacles, but one time will come in our life (maybe more then one) when we will feel like we totally failed ourselves. We failed what we believed we should do, we haven’t handled a situation a certain way, we didn’t deliver as well as we thought we could have or life has just thrown at us a challenge that we can’t cope with.

Seeing the picture above, instead of feeling happy, I feel sad. This is because for a very long time I felt ashamed of the weight gain I had to show all my clients and people I knew at that time. I thought that it showed I had failed – even with all my knowledge and experience to look like a perfect example of fit and healthy mum. I am sad that this picture will always remind me on how I felt and if I would turn back time I probably wouldn’t change a thing, EXCEPT how I felt about myself.

I would give myself a break of feeling that pressure to be PERFECT. Because I am a human and I am ALLOWED to make mistakes as life still goes on with all the glory of daily imperfections. I just wish I could see this picture and feel pride of delivering 9lb 5 baby that came out of my vagina and still have it in one piece! And to be proud that I am capable of making this little human, who now makes my life a total joy with his funny faces and wriggle bums while he is dancing. What do we worry about? How irrational we are and how unkind we are to ourselves? We will tell every single stranger we see suffering “Be kind to yourself” and what do we say when we feel just like them? We probably say “I am a total failure” while you know deep inside “You are absolutely NOT a failure”.

If you can relate to those feelings all I can say ‘No, you haven’t failed yourself’. You just reached the time in your life when you are changing, your life is changing, everything around you might have a completely different meaning now than it had before. You might need some time to get your strength back, to make those little changes that will be kind to your body, mind and soul and to focus on healing, rather then battering yourself with guilt and pressure to change RIGHT NOW.

If you live in a negative environment who remind you daily on how you feel, it is probably time for you to change that environment with more positive one. Also, it is very important to talk how you feel. Talk, talk, talk is what helps you feel better, talking about your emotions you will be able to hear what you are going through and then your current situation might sound much easier to cope.

When you are the most vulnerable and you feel you are at your lowest. The great advice I’ve heard was in 3 words JUST KEEP STANDING. And it will come a day when you will be stronger then ever before and richer for the experience that thought you how to help and comfort others when you recognise what they are going through.


Here is a little homework that you can do now and you might get some answer for you to maybe see how you feel to make that little difference to your life. I would like to ask you if you could take your pen and paper and just write down the answer to these questions:

  1. What is the thing you would like to change in your life?
  2. Why would you want to make this change?
  3. If you decided to make this change, how might you go about it in order to succeed?
  4. What are the 3 best reasons for you to do this?
  5. How important is it for you to make this change on a scale from 0 to 10? ( 0 = not at all; 10 = very important)
  6. So what do you think you will do?

​Sending you big love and again. Be Kind To yourself and Just Keep Standing!

Adrijana x