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5 Ways Of How To Overcome Exhaustion

Have you been feeling run down or poorly lately?

Are you feeling emotionally, mentally or physically exhausted?

There is really so much we can do in a day. We can’t create an extra time to do everything we want, so maybe what we can do instead is to think how we can be more efficient in time we’ve got.

Being exhausted is like a torture. Life becomes extremely challenging. Affects every single aspect of our life and we should be aware that being chronically exhausted can bring us issues with our health.

Here is a little questionnaire for you on how have you been feeling in the past two weeks.

  • Do you have problems with tiredness? 
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating? 
  • Do you need to rest more? 
  • Do you feel sleep or drowsy? 
  • Do you make slips of the tongue speaking?
  • Do you have problems starting things? 
  • Do you start things without difficulty but get weak as you go on? 
  • Do you find it more difficult to find the correct work?
  • Are you lacking energy? 
  • How is your memory?
  • Do you have less strength in your muscles? 
  • Have you lost interest in things you used to do?

I guess, you already have your answer.

If exhaustion has already started to affect your health and life in general, you can read the following tips and I hope it will help you to starting making some actions to get your mojo and sparkle back.

Here are my 5 TOP tips how to overcome and prevent exhaustion.

1. Be a Super Woman, not for everyone else, but for YOU!

You need to understand that you can still be that Amaze-Balls Super Woman, but not in the way that you are trying to do it all, all the time and everything for everyone.

Here are some of solutions:

  • Housework – share with family members. Kids should start learning from an early age of responsibility of how to look after their own home. Partner/husband should do their own tasks too. If they work full time, you are working all day long looking after kids too. So off load your housework – or hire a cleaner – that will keep your sanity!
  • Clothes – if you haven’t got a tumble dryer – this one is a must! I hardly iron anything! Everything that is dried in tumble dyer is never creased and saves me juggling drying around the house and also saves me tonnes of time!
  • Food shopping – why you even bother with this if you have no time? Just order online and get it delivered to your door.
  • Taking kids to a billion activities – share with your friends. One day you, the next day them.


2. Prioritise & Learn How To Say NO

I bet there must be so many things you don’t want to do and you just keep adding an extra pressure on yourself to be that perfect friend. Do only when you want to help and it is something that you feel like you want to be the part of.

Doing things to help others is amazing and very rewarding, but not when you feel totally shuttered and you need a rest.


3. Sleep

Lack of sleep can seriously affect your health and your appetite. If you feel like you are totally losing control over your eating, sleep can contribute massively to that.

Solution for that is set up the time when you want to go to bed and stick to it. Don’t go later then that. Start getting ready for bed around 9 – 9.30 pm, switch off all the distractions/technology, by reading a book or even doing 5 min meditation will help your body to start preparing for sleep.

The more you prioritise your sleep, the effects on your exhaustion will be visible, almost instantly, after a good night sleep.


4. Eat Well & Move for Your Health

You know this really well. By eating well I mean, cut down junk foods, takeaways, packet foods, biscuits and cakes and focus to have 3 regular, healthy, balanced meals, that are filled with vegetables, protein, good fats, and smaller amount of carbs.

If you feel you are totally exhausted for a period longer then a month, it would be worth going to your GP, to do a blood test, to see if there is any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Supplements should sort out deficiencies, for a short term, but your overall lifestyle change should make a massive difference on your long term feel-good-health.

Moving more – do you drive a lot or do sedentary job? How much your feet are moving per day is so important. Physical activity is your medicine. Obviously that it will be affected if you are feeling run down all the time, but pilates, yoga, stretching or walk outside should support encourage your body and mind to feel better.

Always eat and move for your health, rather then to reach a short term goal.


5. Me Time & Doing Things You LOVE

I cannot say enough how important it is to focus on yourself. We all forget what is the most important thing for us and what truly keeps us going and it is US and our mental, emotional and physical health.

When we get ill, everything stops. Before that happens, I would like you to think when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and you felt amazing? When did you laugh that your tummy was hurting? When was the last time you did something that it was just for you and your own soul?

When we do something we love, we let our heart and happiness grow, which helps us to appreciate those moments that we’ve invested in our own happiness.


And just my final thought…. Slow Down…. There will always be opportunities to do more, but for this time being, until you start feeling better, just pace yourself. Life is long and you need to feel and be well to keep going.


Let this blog be your food for thought.

Exhaustion doesn’t just come and go. It is a real reality check of your actions and your behaviours.

Slow down and rest when you need it… and never forget…. Be Kind To Yourself.



Adrijana x

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