Adrijana Tomas Goryn

What is Nutrition Coaching?


Nutrition Coaching is a mentoring and educating service that will provide you bespoke approach to help you overcome any food issues, such as poor relationship with food, binging, emotional eating, struggle with yo yo dieting and help you improve relationship with food and to feel amazing in your own skin!

How It Works?

This program is about education and coaching.
We will work together to help you have a better understanding of your eating habits and behaviours.
You will feel empowered to take control over your life by taking action and I will be right here next to you to support you and coach you to overcome any challenges that come your way.


Support is very important as we all face struggles with changing our way of how we see food and I am more than aware that people who struggle need support and I am more than ready to offer fully my knowledge, understanding and support for all my clients.
Through your journey with me, I will be standing by your side, supporting you and mentoring you to overcome any struggles that come your way.

Level of Commitment Required

* You will need an hour per week to watch all the videos from Coaching Lab
* 15-30 min to attend one coaching call per week
* Time to do your weekly workouts

Is This a Diet?

This is not a diet or a meal plan.
This programme is designed as a habit and behaviour change around food and it requires time and daily work and support to go through difficult phases.
If you want to find out more, book your 30 min FREE consultation.


£797 for 12 week coaching.
You can pay as a split payment.
To work with me, we will have to see if we are the right fit. Please book a 30 min FREE consultation today.

Payments & Refunds

Payments are possible via bank transfer.
You can set up a standing order to pay monthly or in block of 12 weeks.

Book Your 30 Min FREE Consultation Today