Adrijana Tomas Goryn

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About me

I am a mother of 2 amazing kids, living in Suffolk, Newmarket for the past 11 years. I am originally from Croatia, where I fell in love in the healthy and fitness lifestyle. I have graduated physical education in Serbia and even to this day, I find graduating University as one of my biggest achievements, just because I nearly gave up 3 times. But persistence and grind got me through, which even to this day makes me so proud.
I am very passionate about life, excitement, joy, learning, growth, challenges and living the best life every day.

I have been through incredible journey with my own health and body issues throughout my lifetime, constantly seeking information how to feel and look my best. Finally after 40 years of my life, weight gain, negative body image, eating disorder and severe depression, I have found my way through.

I have overcome it all. I feel and look my best. My mental, emotional and physical health has never been better and what is the most important, I have found my peace with myself, with my eating and my whole being and my aim is to share my knowledge and experience with other women who seek to feel and look their best.

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What clients say

"Last three months were the most eye opening with regards to breaking my body into a healthy routine and pushing myself to new challenges. I chose to take a slow but steady pace and I am happy to see results but most of all FEEL good."
"Don't let anyone tell you that it's impossible to shift the weight during menopause. It isn't. Adrijana is incredibly supportive and gives you the tools you need to become stronger mentally and physically."
"It isn't just about the food. My father in law asked me what I missed eating most and I was able to say "nothing" because I have had chocolate and cake and ice creams but I have just managed my calorie intake without denying myself things - but I'm not binge eating! Your program is great because it is about changing habits and attitudes long term (and dealing with small failures!) and not just about quick results."

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