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90 Day Bespoke Workout Program

This is NEW OFFER in my coaching.

This program is based on your own goals, how fast you want to see the progress, if you would like to workout at home or in the gym.
The access to the training sessions will be available through the app, to keep tracking your progress.
I will also keep you accountable!

For very specific detailed program & Weekly Check-ins, the cost is £99 per month or £249 for 3 months.


90 Day FEEL GOOD Group Programme

This program is for everyone who wants to learn how to improve relationship with food, overcome emotional eating, improve energy and feel your best.

What is included in this program is:
Access to coaching lab
Weekly Workouts
Weekly Coaching Sessions
Access Via Private Facebook Group

Price is £99 per month or £269 for one payment.
START DATE is 1st September!


1-2-1 Transformation Coaching

This program is designed to educate you and guide you to look and feel your best.
It will help you create strong daily habits, healthy relationship with food, powerful daily routine that will lead to improved confidence, strong body & clear mind.
To join 1-2-1 coaching program, book a free consultation.

What are the benefits working with me

Weight Loss

You will learn how to lose and maintain your ideal/wanted body weight, while still eating your favourite foods. You will understand how and why you yo-yo, have cravings, urges and impulses and you will know how to overcome them all.

Improve Relationship with Food

You will understand your emotional eating, triggers, appetite and cravings control. You will get all the information, knowledge about real effect of food, behaviour and habits and you will be richer with tools and strategies that you can apply every day to change your eating habits and your emotional response to it.

Improve Your Fitness and Body Shape

Online training/fitness programme is tailored to your fitness, goals and workout place preference. Ideal for everyone who wants to get the best results, in their own time and at their own space! I can help you to transform your body.

Build a bulletproof mindset

Until you change the way you see yourself and what you do consistently, nothing will change. It is well known that living with negative mindset is self destructive, but very possible to change it. With my coaching I am helping you see things from different perspective and to show you with simple strategies to feel empowered to take control over your life and to feel in control, stronger and healthier.

What clients say

"Last three months were the most eye opening with regards to breaking my body into a healthy routine and pushing myself to new challenges. I chose to take a slow but steady pace and I am happy to see results but most of all FEEL good."
"Don't let anyone tell you that it's impossible to shift the weight during menopause. It isn't. Adrijana is incredibly supportive and gives you the tools you need to become stronger mentally and physically."
"It isn't just about the food. My father in law asked me what I missed eating most and I was able to say "nothing" because I have had chocolate and cake and ice creams but I have just managed my calorie intake without denying myself things - but I'm not binge eating! Your program is great because it is about changing habits and attitudes long term (and dealing with small failures!) and not just about quick results."

What Else I Provide?

5 Day FREE Mini Coaching Program

If you would like to work with me and you don't know what it would look like, this mini Coaching program would be perfect to give you idea about my work and my coaching. Just click the link below and let me know if you have any questions. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂
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