Nutrition Packages

All change starts from within, which is why I decided to dedicate myself to the world of nutrition. Having worked with so many of my amazing clients who don't know how to change their associations with food or really know what to believe from all the misguided information in the media, I really believe nutritional guidance will help people become the person they want to be. That is why I have become a MNU Certified Nutritionist.

Creating completely bespoke packages for you, and you alone, we really can reach your goals and more importantly make sure you retain them moving forward.

Nutrition Services

Personalised Nutrition Work-up

This is the most popular service for those seeking nutrition advice. Forming the foundation of every service I now offer, this is suited to anyone who wants a single consultation to get their nutrition questions answered, their current dietary practices assessed and to be given key information needed to achieve their goals. After the initial consultation you will received immediate professional feedback and written recommendations on how to change/ improve your current dietary practices in order to meet your goal.

Cost: £175.

Guided Nutritional Improvement

Most suited to proactive individuals who want to be educated with the right tools and skills to make seamless lifelong changes to their eating habits and significantly improve their body/ health/ performance. The inclusion of a food diary and second consultation allows for more specific recommendations to be made as well as further adjustments to the advice given initially to optimise dietary practices.

Cost: £349 | Payment plans available.

Goal Specific Nutritional Plan

This package is designed for someone who has a clear set of goals in mind and is dedicated to achieving them. It provides periodised nutrition planning, ongoing support, written information and motivational guidance to help reach your goals quickly and effectively. This also works will with continued monthly support (see add-ons below).

Cost: £549 | Payment plans available.

The Complete Nutritional Package

This package can completely tailored to you, but as a default it takes out all the hard work of a nutrition plan. Leaving absolutely nothing up to interpretation, you will receive exact meal plans that lay out every meal and snack you should eat, how much of the food and at what times of the day. I will also personalise every piece of information to your lifestyle, personality and preferences. You will also receive weekly ongoing support, written information and motivational advice.

Cost: £1049 | Payment plans available.

Optional Add-Ons

After Care / Follow-Up Consultations

Suited to anyone who has undertaken a nutrition service with me and would like support to ensure ongoing progress. Appointments can be made in advance or on an ad-hoc basis to tweak food plans, ask further questions, change personal goals, break through plateaus or to alter supplementation programmes.

Cost: £60

Ongoing Support

This add-on service may make all the difference if you're struggling to stay on track. Weekly contact will ensure progress is tracked effectively and efficiently, enabling me to make small tweaks to your personalised plan as and when required. Sometimes all you need is a little motivation.

Cost: £275 per month | Payment plans available.

PT Sessions

Having started in the world of personal training I know how important a bespoke training programme can be to achieving your goals. We will discuss any injuries you may have or are receiving from, and can create a bespoke training programme. Visit my Personal Training pages for information.

Skinfold Caliper Testing

This is most suited to those wanting to track their body composition as it changes. The service includes an 8-site body fat assessment and detailed descriptive feedback report based on your individual results.

Cost: Initial testing: £40 | Follow-up: £25

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Never settle for second best, be the best that you can be. Start your nutrition journey and educate yourself in the same way I have. You’ll change your life for the better, and will have an influence on the lives of your children and those around you.

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