Happy Mama Project

Happy Mama Project

Welcome to the next instalment of my 8 WEEK ONLINE PROGRAMME that is designed to serve every woman who has changed her priorities in the past weeks, months, years!

The aim of this project is to shake you and your priorities and to help you gain your confidence back to walk through life knowing how important your role is and how much more you can give, if you take some time for yourself too.

Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is for you if you have been trying for a long time to find time for yourself to go to the gym and you still haven’t done anything about it.

You have been on a diet and every time you lose weight, you put the weight back on, this programme is just for you!

You have lost faith in any dieting and you are looking for a balanced approach to nutrition and training that will give you results, then this programme is made for you!

If you are ready to learn the ESSENTIAL pieces to take your fitness and health journey without being a painful nightmare, this programme is for you!

And overall, if you are ready to make THE BIGGEST LEAP OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFE, this programme is definitely for you!

You will love it! Because I know that your life not only has the potential to transform of how you feel about yourself and also your personal story and journey.


How Will The Programme Work?

Starting Monday 1st October, this course follows on from a VERY SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMME that over 20 women have taken part in.

First you truly have to go deep and unearth what truly matters to you and DRIVES you both in your own life and life as a mother then build out and up from there. Because, without truly understanding your drivers and goals, it’s impossible to find strength when things get difficult and challenging…. so, I built this programme to help you get basics sorted first and then to tackle the real thing - getting results you need!

So, on Monday 1st October, Class 2 of 2018 will gain access to the Private Facebook Group and Online Content and quite literally immerse ourselves in doing what it takes to make results that will not only make a difference to you, but to everyone around you too!

We will all do one step at a time in an order to understand how the programme will work so once the doors are closed on Monday 1st October and that's it, we're all in together for the next 8 weeks.  The group members are then fixed so that we can build community and build relationships. 

What We Will Be Covering?


• Every week we will be doing 3 live 20 min toning workouts, that will help you to fit in shorter workout in your schedule and still give you results 

• In total you will get 24 different workouts 

• Every live video will be available at 6am, but you will still be able to catch up any time it suits your life/lifestyle


• How Weight Loss Works

• Nutrition myths

• How to create your own diet that will give you lifelong results

• How to tackle cravings

• Research behind sugar addiction

• Starvation mode (does it exist)

• Losing and regaining weight

• What macronutrients are

• The most important macronutrient for weight loss

• How to increase your energy levels and to feel amazing again

• How to keep balanced life, eat all foods you want and still feel amazing

• Weekly live Q&A’s

Me Time

• In this programme it will be so important to understand how important is “me time”

• How to implement “me time” and be guilt free

• How to pass on some duties to clear your time

• Prioritising scheduling workout times

• Sleep & rest when you can - important for your sanity

Tracking Results

• Every Monday - Weekly measurements (whatever is easier for you - measurements, photos, weight) - to keep you accountable


• Private Facebook Group

• Support every single day

• Motivation through all 8 weeks

Prizes & Little Competition

• As soon as you sign up, you will be entering a competition to win the prize - as the best transformation and you can win Happy Mama Project Sweatshirt - (value £30)

• 2nd prize is a winner of the best social media use of hashtag #happymamaproject and tagging myself and my FB page - the prize is going to be a Happy Mama Project T-shirt / Vest - (value £15)


1st Prize for the Best Body Transformation – Happy Mama Project Sweatshirt worth £30

2nd Prize for Best Happy Mama Project Social Media Use – Happy Mama T-Shirt / Vest worth £15


Winner to be announced after the 8 week course. The winner will be contacted directly and announced on social media. Good luck everyone!

What Happens After I Sign Up?

You will receive the confirmation and you will be added to the private Facebook group on the 30th September and we will start fresh on the 1st October.   Welcome video and How To Start The Programme tutorial will be waiting for you when you get added to the group. You will get also PDF what to expect in 8 weeks and how to get the most out of it and to get amazing results!  

What Results Can You Expect, My Promise....

100%, I guarantee you an increase in confidence, action, getting workouts done and sorting your behaviour and habits towards training and nutrition, order in your schedule, stamina, resilience, focus, satisfaction because when you start working out how better you can organise your life, you get happier and the amazing results that make you truly happy because you have changed on this journey! 

Secure this programme in my Early Bird Offer - Just £69 for the whole course instead of £97!

Available until 20th September only. And why not buy a Happy Mama Project t-shirt for £15 too?

Your online coach: Adrijana Tomas Goryn

Adrijana has been working in the fitness industry over the past 8 years and has recently qualified as a certified nutritionist. Her major role now is to work with pre and post natal women, specialising in Nutrition, Women’s Health and Fitness for behaviour and habit change to give every woman right to find the balance and to feel happier knowing that we can all reach goals and dreams we want. Find out more about Adrijana here…

Adrijana works the class so hard and has this amazing energy every week! Which rubs off on me and at the end of the session I feel great, and I’m getting my bum and tum back thank goodness! She always corrects me and doesn’t let me get away with a thing which is what I need! Love the concept of this class and it was just what I was looking for!!


I’ve been going to Adrijana’s mum & kids class for a few years now and myself & my daughter Mia love it! I’m the fittest & the most trim I ever have been….I love how Adrijana works me to my absolute limit. And I still leave the class smiling! It’s great to know you can workout, whilst your child plays safely. Would thoroughly recommend this to any new mum.


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