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Hi, I’m Adrijana, nice to meet you! So much in my life has changed since becoming a mum of two. I found a thirst for knowledge, a desire to train and help women in a similar position to me, but also to give back to all those wonderful mammas out there doing everything they can to bring up their little ones in the best way possible. I’m passionate about my nutritionist expertise, love of women’s health and mum & baby training.

Having recently qualified in Holistic Core Restore ® I am looking forward to helping women regain core control, no matter what life phase they are at, and combined with my nutritional qualifications, I really believe I can help change lives.

But maybe you should know a little bit about me first. I am born in Croatia, with Serbian nationality (anyone who knows the difference, knows this is not a topic for discussion :D).

I graduated with a full degree in Physical Education (2004) and became very proud of my achievements, but felt unsettled in my country so decided to search happiness elsewhere. I began working in hotels, organising sport activities for hotel guests, hosting classes and working with children in mini clubs. I worked in Greece, Cyprus and along the Croatian coast, and very early on made the decision to never go back to the country in which I had grown up.

Next came Tenerife in 2008. Life was good – just on-going fun and partying! But change came in 2010 when I decided to make a bigger step and settled with my soulmate, Neil, in England.

I needed to get qualified again to be able to work in Fitness industry and so trained to become a Personal Trainer. I sent out so many CV’s and didn’t receive a single invitation for interview. It became difficult and self-doubt kicked in, but the warier in me never stayed still.

My first fitness role came shortly after, thanks to Charlie Wall who gave me the opportunity to start working as franchisee of Cambridge Bootcamps. It was all going so well, until I got pregnant with my first baby. Until then I controlled my weight. That was never an issue. I felt good. I felt happy with my body and for me it was my pride.

My body suddenly started changing. My shape, my appetite went through the roof and I reached 30 kg of weight gain with my first pregnancy. Shame, judgmental comments, looks of people who knew me, became too difficult to cope with and after birth I turned into myself and my own world of safety.

Four walls started becoming too big and I felt that those walls were collapsing all around me. But because I had to cope, I sailed through it in my own way. I then got pregnant with my 2nd baby when Hugo was just 10 months old.

Hugo growing into 19month old baby boy was just a blur. I can only remember wanting everything to stop, so I can have some rest, but obviously it all went fine and little mini me, Leila was born healthy.

Then my severe postnatal depression took over my life. I was diagnosed officially to make things kind of easier. I didn’t know how to snap out of feeling like a total failure for my children, my family and myself. And then I kept counting days, hours, minutes and seconds of each day.

Depression became too much for me to handle “on my own” and I started taking anti depressants, which just made me feel like a failure. Side effects kept me away from feeling normal in that crazy world. But through all those days I kept working and trying to be an encouragement for everybody else. That was the only place where I felt ME.

I was on 50mg of sertraline, then on 100mg, then went to citalopram 30mg, then 20mg, then they changed to some other weird one (I don’t know the name) and then I switched back to citalopram 20mg and stayed there till the end.

It is now 6 years since my first pregnancy and first battle with my body. I am now at my heaviest 76 kg. Weight doesn’t define me. It is just my reminder that I had to put aside that little thing, to deal with other big things in life.

But now I feel that I have my happy-medium-balanced life and I want to take you to be the part of my journey. To show you, that time comes when you are ready. Ready to grow and glow 🙂

I am nearly done with my nutrition qualification, I ditched the anti depressants in January 2018 and finally I feel myself again. I have booked 6 weeks abroad for the whole summer and I now feel the most excited I’ve ever been. About the future, about my body, about what I will do for my family, myself and you too.

I will also start working as a Holistic Core Restore® coach when all this craziness of nutrition exams is gone. So all that to be done in my lowest days is a freaking good achievement for me. I am happy. Really happy.

I knew I needed to pass all this for one thing and that is to learn, to understand when someone comes to me and tells me how they feel. I will know. Because… I can understand. I can listen. I can hear! And I can feel.

Your happy place comes from deep within. It is not our fault if we can’t react perfectly right to our challenges no matter how big or small they are.

Even the smallest challenge can break us. But we learn, we get up and we work through it. The strength comes from experience and lessons we’ve learnt along the way. I will keep my head high with pride to accept the dark days when they come and keep my spirits high to enjoy when the clouds are gone 🙂

Happy Mama Project. This is all what I am about.

Happiness. Within. Yourself.

Once again welcome to my website! I am so glad to have you here with me 🙂


Adrijana xx

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